Token Bridge

  • Select a network and connect your wallet under the Source Panel

  • Select a network and select your wallet or paste a wallet address under the Destination Panel

  • Clicking on the drop-down arrow besides the wallet address will allow you to change or disconnect the wallet. Wallet suggestions in the list will display:

    • The current source wallet that is connected

    • Wallets that were previously connected to the destination chain on Carrier. Those that were previously named by the user under the wallet dashboard will also be reflected as such in the list.

  • Select the token and input the amount.

    • Make your selection from the token list or paste a token address

    • All tokens with a balance in the connected wallet will be displayed on the list. Tokens recently added to the wallet may not be displayed immediately.

  • For ERC20 tokens, you may need to approve the transaction before bridging

  • Click on "Confirm & begin transaction" to start bridging

Bridge using relayers

Bridging requires gas fees to be paid in native tokens on both the source and destination chain, with users having to submit transactions to these networks manually.

Using relayers reduce the constant need for multi-step interactions and removes friction along the bridge experience significantly. You only need sign a single transaction once while the relayer handles the rest of the user flow, including automated redemption of the assets on the destination chain.

  • Turn off the toggle switch for "Manual redemption" under settings

  • Start bridging by signing the message request from your wallet

  • The rest of the bridging process is managed by the relayer. Either start another transaction or wait for the page to update as all steps are completed.

Not all tokens are supported by relayers, and users may encounter the following message if so: "Insufficient balance for relayer fee. Add more balance or disable relayer in settings and manually redeem on destination."

Bridge with manual redemption

  • Check that the toggle switch is on for "Manual redemption" under settings

  • You will receive a wallet notification requesting confirmation of the transaction

  • Once the VAA has been received and signed, you'll be prompted to switch to the destination chain. This will allow you to redeem the transaction on the destination chain manually.

  • You can now click on the Manual Redeem button to submit the destination transaction.

  • You've just bridged successfully on Carrier

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