Native USDC

Carrier's integration of Circle's CCTP (Cross-chain Transfer Protocol) supports native USDC cross-chain transfers. Users can bridge USDC natively to-and-from Ethereum and other supported chains, including Avalanche, Arbitrum, Base, and Optimism.

These are the contract address for USDC deployed on their respective networks:

Native USDC on Ethereum
Native USDC on Avalanche
Native USDC on Arbitrum
Native USDC on Base
Native USDC on Optimism

Below is an example to illustrate what the user journey looks like for native USDC transfers on Carrier.

Bridging native USDC on Carrier

Besides selecting the token and amount on the panel, users also have the option of interacting with Carrier using its keyboard interface.

To do so, press the forward slash button "/". Follow the suggested format and enter your transaction. In this instance, the input will be Bridge from Ethereum to Arbitrum, 1 USDC.

Click on the icons for more transaction details. The first provides a breakdown of the source and destination fee.

The clock icon provides an indication of the time to complete the transaction.

The information icon displays the total value estimated for the bridge transaction.

Check the transaction details in the panel and approve the token allowance.

Click on Confirm & begin transaction to start bridging.

While waiting for the transaction to be completed, users can also start another transaction at the same time by clicking on Start another transaction.

Click on Manual Redeem to submit the transaction on the destination chain.

Alternatively, click on the Redeem button shown on the Bridging Details page.

The page will update to reflect the bridging process once all steps have been completed.

Check your wallet and you should have received the native USDC on Arbitrum.

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