Wallet Management

  • View and manage all bridge activity easily with Carrier's wallet dashboard.

  • Click on 'Wallets'.

  • A dropdown menu will display all wallets that are connected to the bridge. There are a few things of note here:

    • Networks that the wallet is connected to is displayed on the right of each row

    • The default display is the wallet address. If the user has named the wallet previously in Carrier's dashboard, that designation will be shown instead.

    • If the wallet happens to be used as a source wallet under the transaction panel, it will be tagged with a SRC label. The opposite is true; if a wallet is used for the destination wallet, a DEST tag will be be shown.

  • Click on any wallet in the dropdown menu to open up its dashboard

  • Click on the edit button beside the wallet address to name it

  • Click on the dropdown arrow beside the network name to switch between different chains and view transactions and assets on a particular network

  • View and search all native/ERC20 tokens as well as NFTs under the Assets panel

  • Search for transactions by their address or ID in the search column

  • Transactions that are pending can also be redeemed. Check out the Recovery guide here.

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