Bridge transaction

  • Select the source chain and connect your source wallet

  • Select the destination chain in the Destination panel. Select your wallet or paste a wallet address.

    • If you change your mind, click on the wallet address to either change to another wallet or disconnect the current one.

  • Select the token and input the required amount.

  • Click on "Confirm & begin transaction"

  • Confirm the message from the wallet notification.

  • The page will refresh to provide step-by-step updates of the bridging process in real-time.

    • You may also click on the blockchain explorer link to keep track of the transaction.

Make sure you have enough gas in your wallet for the transaction to go through.

Adjust settings

  • With Manual Redemption toggled on, users pay gas fees on both the source and destination chain themselves, and have to redeem the token asset manually.

Status check

  • Select "Wallets" on the top right of the webpage

  • Toggle to Transactions and click on "All history" at the bottom right of the window

  • View the status of all ongoing transactions, as well as a log of all previous transactions

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