NFT Bridge

  • Select the NFT tab on the Carrier webpage
  • Click on Select NFT
Switch to the NFT tab and click on Select NFT
  • Choose between the NFTs in your source wallet. Input your NFT contract address and Token ID if the assets happen to be missing.
    • For users on MetaMask, check against your NFT assets easily on MetaMask Portfolio by switching to the NFTs tab.
    • Only ERC-721 tokens are currently supported on the bridge
Clicking on Select NFT opens up a window to view and choose your assets
  • Click on "Confirm & begin transaction" to start
Click on confirm to begin bridge transaction
  • A message will pop-up requesting approval for your NFT to interact with Carrier's underlying NFT bridge contract. Click on Confirm.
Click on Confirm
  • Next, pay for gas fees and submit your bridge transaction by clicking Confirm.
Click on confirm to submit your transaction on the bridge
  • Once a VAA has been produced by the Guardian Network, a prompt will appear asking you to switch to the destination chain to redeem your NFT.
Click on Switch network
  • Click on Manual Redeem and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Step 4/7 of bridging your NFT
  • You've just bridged your first NFT on Carrier successfully